Black and White Wednesday

Here is a shot from my Vanilla Scrub post. I typically like a strong black and white contrast with some mid-tones, but today I'm a little heavier on the mid-tones. I know, Lord only knows what is next when I take risk-taking photos like this! Ha!  

PS. Thanks to Tamar I HAD to make a new "About Me" page. I guess I'm a nerd, because I think charts are so cool. Thanks Tamar! Very addicting and fun!

Happy Wednesday!

Spring Color

There are many colors that "speak" spring. For me, lilac or purple is one of them. This is just a simple shot with my macro lens facing almost toward the light. Of course I was down on the ground on Third Avenue getting this shot. I always wonder who is laughing at me!

I decided to use a photo tint (from Shadowhouse Creations ) to add the purple hue and faded to about 30%. While I love textures, sometimes it is a simple change in hues or color that will do.

Have a wonderful week! I just have to say that I'm glad to be back! 

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